Sumbawa is a part Lesser Sunda Seascape

       Indonesia Waters especially in region Sumbawa Besar and West Sumbawa district are one of region that was included in a part of lesser sunda seascape. This region was loccated in coral reef triangle that have high biodiversity area and habitat for 76 % species of coral reef. In the region there are some activities of fisheries utilization in coastal area and some threat like a destructive fishing using a fish bombing gear that was made by a fisherman especially in region small island in Sumbawa Besar and West Sumbawa district. The problems have not been finished directly by local government, so we need news information about condition of coastal area especially about the condition of coral reef. In June 2014 Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) do a cooperation with local government of Marine and Fisheries agency from Sumbawa Besar and West Sumbawa district with number 30 sampling area location to assesment condition of coral reef in Sumbawa Besar and West Sumbawa. This activitiy is one of comitment WCS to support program Ministry of Marine and Fissheries to increase the management effectiveness Marine Protect Area and management of sustainable fisheries .
In Sumbawa Besar area especially in Saleh Bay like Liang island, Ngali island and Moyo island. The result of survey has found damaged from coral reef, the damage was found from destructive fishing like bombing fishing gear (Figure 1). We find a break out from coral reef and many of coral reef shows died with colour dark in several location. The damage of coral reef are found in 4-5 meter depth, some predation also was found by Crown of Throne (COT) (Figure 2) with characterized by loss of tissue of coral and the colour of coral is white and some COT also was found on area of observation, meanwhile in Moyo island mostly the condition of coral reef is covered by algae and rubble. Generally the condition of coral reef in Liang, Moyo and Ngalih island is damaged although we still found a location with good condition from coral cover like in north of Ngali Island (Figure 3). Some of the growth of coral recruit quite a lot of found on area observation shows the efforts on an ecosystem the recovery of coral reefs. In addition we also find species of coral reef endemic in lesser sunda seascape namely Acropora suharsonoi (figure 4), this species is one kind of coral reef that has been found in Bali and Lombok island.

Moyo 2 (33)

Figure 1. Activities desctructive fishing found on observation

Figure 2. Some predation COT still found on observation

Figure 2. Some predation COT still found on observation


Figure 3. The good of coral cover was found at North Ngali

Utara Pulau Ngali (67)

Figure 4. Species endemic of coral Acropora suharsonoi was found on area observation

                 For community of reef fish generally has been found species dominant from omnivore fishes family Pomacentridae. Several kind of family chaetodon, Acanthuridae, Scarinae-famiily of Labridae and some kind from carnivore fish like Serranidae, and Haemulidae have been found very abit. The kind of that reef fish are one of parameter condition of marine ecosystem is good, so we need to keep the species because the total from three family is very abit. Generally the water condition of Liang, Moyo and Ngali Islands have a type slope and the water condition are protected from wave and wind and very quiet condition. This condition make a community who lives in coastal area develop Seaweed cultivation. The result from ecological infomation is needed by local government to establish Marine Protected Area to central government. The support from community and local government is very important to increase the management effectiveness marine protect area to ensure sustainable fisheries.