Conservation effort in Gili Banta and Kelapa island

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In Juny 2015, after finished the survey in Takabonerate Marine national park. Me and team continued to conducted ecological baseline data. This activity was suported by WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) and  local government  especially from marine and fisheries agency in Bima regency. They also joined and followed the team to stayed in Kelapa and Gili Banta Island.

WCS had been worked in Lombok and Sumbawa island since 2012. it  was started from conducted ecological and socio economic survey in Gili Matra (Trawangan, Air and Meno). Today we are support to establish marine protected area in Bima and Dompu regency. This survey had a target to documentated marine biodiversity, and also documentated condition of coral reef especially in Bima and Dompu region. As a part of region in lesser sunda Bima and Dompu played importance roles as an area nursery ground and habitat for 76 % marine species and also area for habitat marine mamals. This area was threatened by destructive fishing use the fish bombing and poison. this activity is really damaged for ecosystem of coral reef and it wouldnt to ensure sustainable fisheries in this region.

the next day, When we dive in Gili Banta and Kelapa island we found manta, a marine biota charismatic species. This species was threatened from targeting commerce and ilegal catching. I can see this species swam in the water surface and tried to approach the boat. and luckily i had a chance to capture the photos. Today we face the big  challenge, as far as i know there are many demand from the foreign country for the fish gills. In 2014 by decision number 4 Indonesia through marine and fisheries ministry of Indonesia had regulated the laws about assignment status full protection of Manta Ray.  Meanwhile  from international regulation in convention cites (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) this species was category appendix II with status endangered.

Finally we need to better understanding about our oceans. The conservation effort through establish marine protected area is the main necessity to ensure and protected our coastal area and marine species who living in it.


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