Explore Indonesia : Alor

          This is a next story from my activities when i were joined as a marine fish collector in Alor Expedition with WWF-Indonesia on March 2014. This survey is aimed to record the marine biodiversity of corals and fishes and also assess the overall health of the reefs to help identify areas of importance for conservation, surely from this survey we will establish for Marine Protected Area (MPA) as you know MPA will improve of coral reefs from destructive fishing and protect of coastal area include the marine biota that lives in the inside of that area. We start the journey from Kalabahi on 13 March 2014 and end the journey on 1 April in Kalabahi too, so in this journey we surrounded Alor and East Flores.


a dinggih small boat from Minami Vessel


Coral reef monitoring survey

Beautiful Sunset in Alor

Beautiful Sunset in Alor

   In this survey we collect the data for benthic substrate with Point Intercept Transect (PIT) and visual sensus survey for abundance and biomass of reef fish.  This is amazing experience, because we take activity with 3 dives/day, sometimes 4 dives/day with the number 72 site, so we must to keep the body to stay health. along the journey sometimes we saw a group of cetacean (lumba-lumba) swim around the boat and look pursue each other.


Sunset on Minami Boat

     From a several observation we found a damage of coral reef  mostly the damage of coral reef is caused from the destructive fishing likes the location at Lato village, East Flores, mostly this event is caused by human who use some tools (likes bombing or potasium) to get catch fish more, but this way is very damage because the bomb are thrown by human will burst in underwater and it will destroy of ecosystem of coral reef, and finally the fish would be hard to was captured anymore.  The other condition that must be attention is strong current as you know Alor having of their geographical location that is surrounded by the strait, sometimes after we finishing to collect the data, there are some condition with strong current so we must to exit from the water and then  exit on the beach to keep safely. Sometimes  on the location with strong current likes that one (Tanjung Batu Payung) we saw many gorgonian sea fans, soft corals and also SHARK this is amazing when i saw 5 shark mostly (white thip shark) on The Tanjung Batu Payung, this location is very unique with many groupers, pelagic fish,  on the 15 m depth and also the visibility is very good and clear with a condition of substrat slope approached wall.

I successfully landed on the mainland

I successfully landed on the mainland

   The data that we gather now can be considered as baseline data, as it is obtained before the KKPD comes into full force, and by comparing our data with future data to be collected in the coming years, we can measure periodic changes taking place in each sampling site.

* This service on the Menami boat is very amazing particulary about the meal, honestly i would never have expected to be able to eat such vegetable, milk and everything is prepared by our chief, and the fact my body weight is increased.!!


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