Anambas Island “Paradise From Riau Archipelago”

Today i want to re-share again with different story about my journey to Anambas “Paradise From Riau Archipelago”.

Anambas Island

Anambas Island

My journey to Anambas did in March, 2012  when i was a student in college. To get Anambas yo should know about how budget you must provide, likes budget transportation, lodging and many more, but  you will get a fee commensurate. Anambas have capital city in Tarempa, a small city but enough a comfortable for a lived.

The journey towards Tarempa is a 2 ways. The first way is to use the sea transport. Pelni ships depart every 2 weeks once we can use. An alternative to other vessels was the pioneer who has two routes, until the time of his departure is not fixed. Travel on the boats usually take for 18-20 hours. To get information Pelni ship you can find information from Tanjung Priuk Seaport in Jakarta. The second way is certainly to use air transportation, with airships from Tanjung Pinang or Batam. Aircraft from Tanjung Pinang airport towards the Natuna only while the plane could be headed from Batam airport Natuna and Matak. In Matak you can use a ship to get Tarempa, travel on boats usually take for 30-40 minutes. In this ship you will enjoy a different view like a dolphin and beautiful sea meet the hill.

Underwater Expresion from Anambas

Underwater Expresion from Anambas

Fascination with the beauty of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters became one of the tourist attractions in the Anambas, especially for lovers of traveling such as snorkling, beach tourism, sports fishing and diving sports.

Beautiful Beach of Anambas

Beautiful Beach of Anambas

One of the places that I dive is an island Selai, one part of the Anambas. Island Selai is located in the most Eastern Islands of Anambas. We take a dive spots in the North and South. The northern part is one interesting point because the basic contours of the flat waters to a depth of 1 meter and the main thing is the current relatively stable enough especially for beginners who want to try the sport of diving.

Explore Underwater Anambas

Explore Underwater Anambas

Different types of reef fish can be found among others in the family Pomacentridae, Acanthuridae (surgeon fish), Siganidae (Rabit fish) , Balistidae (Trigger Fish) , Pomachantidae (angel fish) , Chaetodontidae (Buterfly Fish), etc. If lucky you can meet Bulbometopon muricatum (Bumphead Scaridae)  schooling. The southern part is also interesting, especially for Beach tourism. White sand and crystal clear waters is one of the very able to indulge the eye, particularly for those who are tired of going to the city of Jakarta. Visible difference is the southern part of the island Selai is  the basic contours of the waters which tend to slope, but unfortunately many still find reefs are destroyed by bombing.  unfortunately i still don’t find dive operator when i was on Anambas, i bring scuba diving gear from Jakarta and prepare to fill the tank by myself  from ”dinas kelautan dan perikanan” so if you wanna dive in Anambas you must prepare all with a good calculation.

Arothron nigropunctatus "Tetraodontide" with purple variation

Arothron nigropunctatus “Tetraodontide” with purple variation

Lets Dive

Lets Dive

The other  interesting  is good visibilty, you can imagine within 30 meters i can still see buddy me, also the condition of relatively calm, you can come to this island in the east to transactional februari-april around the moon.  If you come to Anambas you can also find a cultivation Napoleon Wrases (Cheilinus Undulatus) and one side of the draw is some island in the Anambas became a favorite place of the turtles to lay eggs, one of which the island of Durai. On this island, it is certain there is every day a turtle ride to spawn, it is not nonsense because when I dive any turtle tail I saw one with a size of approximately >40 cm was hovering over me, so much really fun.


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  1. Hey, interesting to see ur blog here while i am actually looking to dive in Natuna Island. Can you please reply me via email. would like to know more about diving over there. like how much is the diving cost, lodge, transport etc. thanks.

    my email

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