Survey Ecology in Karimun Jawa National Park

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This week i want to telll you about my journey to Karimun Jawa National Park, Jepara, Central Java. The National Park is defined as the natural preservation of native ecosystems, managed by the zoning system used for research purposes, science, education, support the cultivation, tourism, and recreation. Karimun Jawa  is a part National Park  who managed under the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia.


Tim Survey Ecology Karimunjawa

Senja di Karimunjawa

Senja di Karimunjawa

In April i have ask to become volunteer Reef Fish Enumerator by NGO Wildlife Conservation Society. In this job we collect and identification various types of species reef fish during survey using scuba equipment.  We also take the long reef fish data to calculate the availability of biomass of reef fish in Karimun Jawa National Park. Every year WCS is always a monitoring condition about a coral reef in Karimun Jawa national park.


This is usually generated from the monitoring data that is associated with the condition and health of the coral reefs, reef fish abundance or availability of biomass also reef fish, especially fish that serve as fish consumption target. The resulting data such as key decision makers by interested parties such as national parks or local government. This is amazing experience when i did a survey in thirty three station from fourty three station, It dives most numerous in a survey that i ever did. From my sight there are a damage in coral reef like a sedimentation in several observation and just a little was found about reef fish herbivorus and carnivorus species, generally still many  species omnivor  in several observation.  As we have known that there are many pressure against a coral and reef fish like overfishing, Unfriendly environment, high sedimentation and global climate change. So conservation efforts such as monitoring activities need to be done to see the coral health conditions periodically.



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